Below are a series of videos from Radical Bowling Technologies featuring Mo Pinel.

The New Reality of BALL MOTION - The Rules Have Changed

Mo Pinel's Seminar presented by Radical Bowling
The New Reality of BALL MOTION - The Rules Have Changed
They change the rules, we change the tools.

Does the CG Placement in Symmetrical Balls Affect Ball Motion?

With the new USBC rules in effect, we took 2 Intels and drilled them with the same pin placement but with radically different CG placements. We used ThroBot to throw them and recorded the data with Specto. Here's what you get! Were the results what you expected to see?

Effective Modern Layouts w/ Mo Pinel - Volume 1

In this segment, Mo Pinel discusses effective modern layouts for different style of players. Using the Squatch and the Katana Legend, we'll show both symmetrical core and asymmetrical core options.

The New Reality of Drilling Symmetrical Bowling Balls

In this segment, Mo Pinel discusses how to properly track your axis migration on symmetrical bowling balls. Then, he will discuss the 5 key measurements relating to the axis migration and how it can affect your ball motion.

Layouts Used on Intels:

Urethane vs Short Pin Reactive Layouts

An excerpt from Mo's seminar where he talks about Urethane vs. Short Pin Reactives. How many times have you bowled with Urethane and found your ball reaction going straighter and straighter? There's a few reasons for that. Why do you see a number of pros on TV using urethane with success? There's a few reasons for that as well.

Adjusting Layouts For Different PAP (Positive Axis Point)

Ever wonder why the layouts on the drill sheets may look different for you after they are drilled? Your Positive Axis Point (PAP) may be different than "the standard" PAP we use to base the drill sheets.

Remember, layouts are not about the relation to the fingers, it's about the relation to the PAP. As a crude example (like Mo said), a "pin over the bridge" will roll VERY different for 2 different bowlers with 2 different PAPs. Once you get past how a layout looks, you can start using layouts that actually work for you!

The A-B-C Zones of Pin to PAP Layouts

Mo takes a viewer question about how far you have to move the Pin to PAP distance in order to see a difference in ball reaction. He breaks it down brilliantly using his "A-B-C Zones". This, along with the "Low Flare Zone" are what you need to know about what these Pin to PAP locations do. Most importanly, learn about the zone TO AVOID AT ALL COSTS which is eloquently referred to as "Twitch City".

The Rule of the "N"

Mo Pinel takes a viewer question about "Angle Ratios" and "Sum of the Angles" and how they play a role in ball reaction. He brilliantly breaks it down so that it will be easier to understand by using "The Rule of the 'N'".