Here are some very useful videos from Storm Bowling Products


Storm Pin Buffer Layout System

Storm's Layout System, an alternative to the Dual Angle Layout System.


Tech Tips with Steve Kloempken

Seminar Series

Does the CG Matter?

Hank walks us through this complex topic and how it relates to the new USBC Rules.

New USBC Rules - Static Weight Extremes

Steve and Peter discuss the new USBC Rules on static weight extremes and show you how we didn't necessarilylose anything, but rather we gained more area from the old 4in² area we used to have to 36 in² we now have.

New USBC Rules - Balance Holes and Performance

Storm took to the lanes to test the performance of layouts, with, and without balance holes in compliance with the new USBC Rules. Using an average of 6 shots per layout, wtih, and without balance holes, we discuss our findings