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The Paddock is the world's first Dual Angle Layout Creation application. It's like having a Tour Ball rep on your phone.

The Paddock App is available for Android on Google Play and for iOS on the Apple App Store.  Just search "The Paddock App".

Available for iOS Devices.
Available for Android Devices.

The Paddock is a resource for competitive bowlers, those who want to be competitive bowlers, and Pro Shop Professionals.
 -For the Pro Shop Professional, The Paddock offers a way to efficiently develop Dual Angle Layouts for your customers and    analyze an existing layout on a ball that they have brought in.
 -For the Bowler, The Paddock helps you understand how different Dual Angle Layouts influence the bowling ball's motion and    reaction. The Paddock is designed to compliment and enhance the services that your favorite Pro Shop Professional provides.

You can have The Paddock suggest the type of bowling ball construction (RG, Differential, Core Shape, Cover Material, and Cover Strength) and Dual Angle Layout. Just enter the lane conditions parameters or select a lane pattern from a list of 60 pre loaded lane patterns. Typical House Shots, PBA Patterns, and Kegel Patterns are included. You can create a Dual Angle Layout, you can analyze a Dual Angle Layout that you already have drilled in a ball. The In My Bag function is a simple database to keep track of your bowling balls and layouts. You can learn how to find your PAP, Dual Angle Layout, Axis Tilt Angle, and Axis of Rotation angle without leaving your home. You can view common ball reaction shapes and motions.