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Bowlers Edge Dual Angle Matrix

Developed by Gary Faulkner, the Bowlers Edge Dual Angle Matrix can help you determine what Dual Angle Layout you might want in your next ball. Right Click on the Matrix Photo to save to your computer and print.

  • Step 1 - Write down the Dual Angles of a current ball that you have. In dual angle notation it would be the 1st and 3rd numbers. I.E. 80* x 4 x 40*
  • Step 2 - Get the sum total of the angles by adding them together. I.E., from Step 1, 120.
  • Step 3 - Get the Ratio of the dual angles. I.E. from Step 1 the ratio of the dual angles is 2:1.  
  • Step 4 - Plot it on the graph.
  • Step 5 - Repeat the process with another ball.

When you have plotted all of your bowling balls on the Matrix you will start to see whether or not you have a variety of layouts. Having different layouts will give you a wider variety of motion shapes to choose from. Here's some general observations when using the Matrix.
•Speed Dominate Bowlers tend to do better with Faster Transition Layouts
•Rev Dominate Bowlers tend to do better with Slower Transition Layouts
•Low Rev Bowlers would want to keep their layouts as close to the Low Rev Rate Line as possible.
•High Rev Bowlers would want to keep their layouts as close to the High Rev Rate Line as possible.

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