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Will The Paddock tell me how much a ball will hook?

No, it will not. How much a ball hooks is dependent on numerous factors such as, lane condition, lane surface, rev rate, ball speed, type of lane oil, type of lane oiling machine.

What does The Paddock tell me about the bowling ball?

The Paddock gives you an idea of the influence that the drilling layout will have on the bowling ball when its in 2 phases, Hook and Roll. It will tell you the Reaction Shape ( how smooth or angular the shape is ), the Transition Time ( how fast from Hook to Roll ), and Ball Roll Motion ( what does the ball do when it starts to roll ).

How do I know if the ball will be strong or weak?

You never know how strong a ball will be until you actually use it. But here are some guidelines. Angular shapes tend to be stronger than Smooth shapes. Faster transition times tend to be stronger than slower transition times. Continuous produces large track flare, Forward and Hook/Set produce medium track flare and Low Flare tends to produces the least amount of track flare. More flare = stronger motion. Choose the ball construction for what you believe you need, then create a layout to compliment the ball choice.

Since the Drilling Angle is not as important in a Symmetrical Core ball as it is in an Asymmetrical Core ball, why isn't there a separate layout creator?

It is suggested that you use faster transition times when creating layouts if you are looking for more reaction shape. This keeps the Vertical Axis Line Angle smaller to help create more shape. Even though the Drilling Angle is not important in regards to the reaction shape it is still needed to calculate the transition time.

There is no selection for Rev Rate or Ball Speed, how do I adjust for that?

Bowler Rev Rate and Ball Speed inputs are located in the Suggest a Ball and Layout Function. To compensate RPM and MPH in the Create a Layout function, follow these suggestions.

The sliders seem erratic or not functioning.

Some iPhone users have reported problems when using the sliders to make the selections. Restarting your phone seems to solve the issue. Also when using the sliders on the iPhone or iPad you must keep your finger on the slider while you move it. Swiping your finger will cause the slider to act erratically.

The text is large and I can't see all of the results.

The Paddock app supports Dynamic Text. This means the text in the app will display in the size that you have selected in the settings of your phone. If you are having this issue, go to Settings in your phone and change to a smaller font/text size.

The Paddock App seems to be acting strange after the latest update

Restarting your phone solves the problem. We don't know why, but it does. This seems to affect Android devices more than iOS devices.